LDCF - Malawi - Climate Adaptation for Rural Livelihoods and Agriculture (CARLA)

July 2, 2008

GEF Agency: African Development Bank
Executing Agency: Environmental Affairs Department (Ministry of Mines, Natural Resources, and Environment); Department of Irrigation (Ministry of Irrigation and Water Development)
LDCF Grant: $3,000,000
Co-financing: $24,505,000


This country is heavily dependent upon rain-fed subsistence agriculture, with more than 80 percent of the population generating their daily livelihoods from small-scale agriculture. As Malawi faces increasing rates of extreme weather events, such as recurrent floods and droughts, efforts at fostering sustainable economic growth and improved rural livelihoods are put at risk of failing. A LDCF project is addressing this situation through two key components: (i) investments aimed at improving agricultural practices, land management, and natural systems as well as rural livelihoods through targeted adaptation interventions in crop diversification, cropping sequences, conservation tillage, food storage and irrigation, and efficient water use; and (ii) creation of an enabling environment for climate risk management, including activities in policy development and implementation, institutional coordination, and generation of knowledge on climate risk management.