Logo contest for the Adaptation Fund

August 14, 2009

The Adaptation Fund Board (AFB) has launched a speedy, open to all, logo competition for the Adaptation Fund (AF). The aim is to proceed giving this innovative and uttermost required Fund own outlook, evolve its identity and increase public consciousness about its existence and on-going operationalization.

The AF was established by the Kyoto Protocol Parties to assist developing countries that are particularly vulnerable to the adverse effects of climate change to meet the costs of adaptation in form of concrete adaptation projects and programmes.

The AF is a unique fund for three particular reasons:

1) It is funded by an international levy from the clean development mechanism of the Kyoto Protocol. It does not depend on grant money from donors, but is directly linked to the emission reduction targets developed countries have under the Kyoto Protocol.

2) The AFB has majority representation from developing countries. In addition to regional representation, Least Developed Countries and Small Island Developing States each have one representative.

3) It provides eligible developing countries an opportunity to direct access to the funds.

Climate change is hitting hardest the already most vulnerable people and communities, which are the least responsible for causing the problem. Interested logo designers are now invited to propose an imaginative logo representing these innovative features of the AF. As it best, the logo would also describe both urgent needs and necessary hope to make already vulnerable people to defend themselves from further severing hardship. For more information on the Adaptation Fund please visit the official website:

How to Participate

For the purposes of judging, all designs must be sent in high resolution (that would allow printing at least 8x10 inches at 300 dpi - .jpg/.tiff format) and must be submitted by email with an official entry form to Mr. Raul Rodriguez ( at the Adaptation Fund Secretariat.

The Secretariat will acknowledge receipt of the proposals within 3 days, and all contributors will be informed about the final selection and winning design. No correspondence will be held about the selection process and the Adaptation Fund nor will the GEF accept legal action related to the selection process.
The selection committee will be appointed by the AF secretariat and vote on the proposals according to the criteria outlined above.

All entries must be submitted by May 30, 2009.

Rules and Eligibility

Entrants must own full copyright of design submitted, which they must be able to certify, if requested.

Group submissions are welcome but in the case of selection only two members of the team will be awarded with the prize. Private companies with business interest are welcome as well, however this does not constitute an endorsement by the Adaptation Fund nor the Global Environment Facility of the company.

Adaptation Fund and Global Environment Facility staff and their immediate family members, and those of the institutions financing this project are not eligible to participate.

Submitted proposals which have not been selected will be considered confidential, not be used for the AF, the GEF or any other commercial or noncommercial use, and they will not be disseminated outside of the selection committee. By submitting the entry or entries to this logo contest for consideration, all entrants hereby acknowledge and affirm that the Adaptation Fund will forever have the property and the right to use or display the winning logo at any time and in any manner. Uses may include, but are not limited to, print or electronic publication, promotional brochures, posters, or other corporate communications materials. The Adaptation Fund also retains the right to distribute to third parties the logo winner of this contest, for the purposes(s) of promoting the Adaptation Fund name, brand, activities or for other purposes deemed to further the mission of the Adaptation Fund.

Decisions taken by the jury are final. The Adaptation Fund is not liable for any late, misrouted, lost or damaged entries.

The Prize

The winner will be awarded with the following prize: Economy tickets for two (2) persons to travel from their town of residence to Bonn, Germany for one (1) week, including hotel accommodation (5 star) and local per diem contribution. They will participate as special guest in the award ceremony organized by the Adaptation Fund and receive a framed high end print of their design in two (2) copies. Travel, accommodation and visa will be arranged by the Adaptation Fund secretariat.