National and Sectoral Strategies and Programs for Climate Change

August 5, 2009

Sustainable Energy, Climate Change and Disaster Risk Management Network

5 AUGUST 2009 | WASHINGTON DC - The Environment Network (promoted by the IADB) analyzes the challenges that Latin American and Caribbean countries faces in the task of environmental management, the priorities for successful environmental management in the public sector and environmental profiles and studies about the inclusion of environmental management in sectoral policies.

In 2009, this Network was combined with the Natural Disasters Network and renamed the Sustainable Energy, Climate Change and Disaster Risk Management Network. The new network reflects the IADB’s commitment to support its borrowing member countries in addressing the critical issues related to climate change and disaster risk management in an integrated development context.

The Network has presented and discussed studies about economic instruments and market incentives as complimentary instruments to the traditional mechanisms of command, control and case analysis of the application of economic instruments in the integrated management of water and solid wastes.

The most recent meeting of the Network took place the on July 28-29 in Mexico City, Mexico. The agenda focused on experiences within the region regarding the economic impact of climate change in Latin American and Caribbean countries, and the challenges and opportunities in developing, and securing financing for, national climate change programs.

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