Russian Federation sets ambitious targets for environmental protection in the Arctic

July 16, 2009

Russian Federation sets ambitious targets for environmental protection in the Arctic


16 JULY 2009 | ARKHANGELSK, RUSSIA - The Maritime Board at the Government of the Russian Federation, the highest-level body of the government in charge of coordinated efforts of federal enforcement authorities in the field of maritime activities, investigation and exploration of the World Ocean, Arctic and Antarctic, approved the Strategic Action Program for Protection of the Environment of the Arctic Zone of the Russian Federation (SAP-Arctic). SAP-Arctic has been prepared under the auspices of the UN Environment Programme/Global Environment Facility project “Russian Federation – Support to the National Programme of Action for the Protection of the Arctic Marine Environment (NPA-Arctic)” with the Russian Ministry of Economic Development.

The primary goal of the SAP-Arctic is to create conditions necessary for taking actions to prevent, reduce, and eliminate negative consequences of human activities on the environment in the Arctic Zone of the Russian Federation arising from activities on land and the continental shelf down to levels that will ensure sustainable development while at the same time taking into account of the interests of the human population in Arctic, including the indigenous people of the North.

The SAP-Arctic is a strategic framework document that sets the goals, tasks, principal activities and targets in the area of protecting Arctic environment for the period up to 2020 including the prevention and abatement of the environmental pollution caused by transboundary pollutant transfer, oil, chemical, and radioactivity contamination; preservation and improvement of the quality of environment and conditions for traditional nature use by indigenous people of the North; and the prevention and reduction of negative consequences of natural and human-caused disasters, including those caused by global climate change.