USAID's New Forest Carbon Calculator

April 27, 2009

The GEF invites you to attend at the next event of the GEF Brown Bag Lunch Series
Presented by Patrick Smith (USAID), Sandra Brown & Nancy Harris (Winrock International)

Moderator: Jaime Cavelier
Sr. Program Manager, Natural Resources, GEFSEC

Monday, April 27
12:30 - 2:00 PM

GEF Secretariat Main Conference Room (G6-151)
1776 G Street NW, Washington DC

Food and Drinks will be served


In cooperation with the USAID Global Climate Change Team, Winrock International has developed a set of web-based carbon calculation tools for forest sector projects. This will give USAID Missions and partners an easy way to comply with USAID's policy of mainstreaming CO2 as an Agency-wide results indicator.

The calculator has four components:

  • 1) Forest Protection (include reducing deforestation, stopping fires and illegal logging),
  • 2) Forest Management (include reduced impact logging or stop logging),
  • 3) Afforestation/reforestation and forest restoration , and
  • 4) Agroforestry .

To our knowledge, this is the first and only web-based calculator that has global coverage default values, but also allows overriding those values with user data, and does this using the latest web design approaches for ease of use. The Calculator is currently in user testing and peer review stages. It is not meant to provide the level of accuracy needed for carbon financing, but may provide early indication of areas that have potential for such financing. Please join us to hear about and see this tool and to provide your feedback.

If interested in attending at the event, please contact Ms. Jaime Cavelier,, Tel. 202-473-4886