GEF's Pacific Expanded Constituency Workshop session in a Fiji village

From Ridge to Reef: learning from holistic best practice in Fiji

Like many other Pacific Island countries, Fiji is one of the most coveted tourist destinations in the world. At the same time, it is a microcosm of some significant development and environmental challenges. A natural resource-dependent country with limited land area, Fiji experiences intense…
One key tool we use to share knowledge about the GEF is the Expanded Constituency Workshops (ECWs). These workshops were born out of a need for stakeholders within governments who are responsible for GEF activities – called GEF “focal points” – to understand how we work and provide clear expectations of their responsibilities. Photo: Ksenia Ragozina/Shutterstock.

Demystifying the GEF at a workshop in Latin America

Uruguay is a country whose economy was built on cattle grazing. It has rolling hills, a temperate climate, sprawling beaches, and no difficult-to-access areas, like jungles, dense forests, or mountainous regions. But while in some countries cattle farming is a driver of deforestation, in Uruguay it…

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