This guide highlights a variety of GEF case studies and examples of successful knowledge exchange in GEF projects, as well as lessons learned from implementing these initiatives for enhanced global environmental impact. It is the product of collaboration across the GEF partnership, offering a practical step-by-step blueprint with illustrative examples on how to design, implement, and monitor knowledge exchange embedded in projects.

It also provides tools to help the knowledge broker play a more effective role in facilitating knowledge exchange and learning when designing and implementing a GEF project or program. It reflects the experiences of various GEF partners, knowledge and learning professionals, government officials, and other practitioners who have successfully integrated knowledge exchange into larger change processes.

The guide also features the free augmented reality mobile app Blippar, a tool that enables GEF partners and others to access the guide online from around the world using their smartphones.

Knowledge Exchange Roadmap: English, Spanish, French, Russian

Knowledge Exchange Activities: English, Spanish, French, Russian

Knowledge Exchange Instruments: English, Spanish, French, Russian

Philippines: The Tanon Strait - Case Study: English, Spanish, French, Russian

Honduras, Nicaragua and Colombia - Case Study: English, Spanish, French, Russian

Learning Stations: English

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