Seed funding to support coral reef insurance, supply-chain resilience, and other climate risk remedies for entrepreneurs, food producers, cities, local communities

Nespresso, South Pole, MIT’s Environmental Solutions Initiative, and Willis Towers Watson were among those announced today as winners of the Global Environment Facility’s inaugural Challenge Program for Adaptation Innovation, a new competition supporting private sector remedies for climate risk in developing countries.


Twelve international organizations providing assistance to developing countries came together at the UN Climate Change Conference today to launch the Alliance for Hydromet Development.


A new GEF Global E-Mobility Program launched today at the COP25 climate summit will help an initial set of 17 developing countries deploy electric vehicles at scale, in support of improved air quality and reduced fossil fuel dependency.

The new $33 million program, launched in Madrid in coordination with the European Commission’s new E-Mobility Solutions Plus Project, represents the first global coordinated effort to promote and accelerate the uptake of electric mobility in developing countries.