Across South Africa, the COVID-19 induced national lockdown measures have had an immediate and dramatic impact. Since March 27, there has been a total border closure and non-essential workers have been asked to stay at home in a bid to curb the spread of the virus.


"Protecting nature makes me very happy in life," says Victorin Laboudallon. "We need to protect it as much as we can, so future generations can enjoy it like I did when I was a kid."

Victorin Laboudallon, frequently considered the 'Father of Seychelles Conservation,' established the Terrestrial Restoration Action Society of Seychelles (TRASS) in 2010.


Doreen Robinson is Chief for Wildlife at the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) and coordinator of the new GEF Congo Basin Sustainable Landscapes Impact Program, a six-country initiative working to address environmental degradation in Central Africa’s forests. In an interview, she shared life lessons from her work, including the value of ‘deep humility’ and the need to seek out others’ perspectives to find lasting solutions to complex challenges.