Partner News

Title Date Source
When the levee breaks: A new wall lifts hope and hearts among Afghan farmers 07/26/2017 UNDP
Los manglares, clave para bienestar de comunidades costeras de todo el mundo 07/26/2017 UNEP
Mangroves in the spotlight 07/26/2017 UN Environment
Climate Change Adaptation Bulletin, Issue no. 27 07/25/2017 UNDP
2016 Annual Report 07/24/2017 Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund
EBRD and FINTECC support Dniprovska Agri Group 07/24/2017 EBRD
Small Island, Big Results: Natural solutions to sustainability challenges in Cuba 07/21/2017 UNDP
Will Africa’s Great Green Wall discourage migration to Europe? 07/19/2017 The Guardian
In search of water: Addressing drought and preventing famine in Somalia 07/18/2017 UNDP
Alien Invasion: Protecting biodiversity by controlling alien invasive species in Sri Lanka 07/17/2017 UNDP
How to attract investment to sustainable management of forests and REDD+: experts from 12 countries meet in Panama 07/11/2017 UN-REDD Programme
A guilt-free holiday: Montenegro presents carbon-neutral tourism 07/10/2017 UNDP
Africa and Asia 'Justice League' moves for stronger action on wildlife crime 07/05/2017 UN Environment
Setting Sail Towards a Low Carbon Future 07/03/2017 UNFCCC
Costa Rica Scores Major Environmental Win with Launch of World-First Land Use Monitoring System 06/23/2017 UNDP
Desertification is not a Fate 06/22/2017 World Bank
Achim Steiner takes office as Administrator of the United Nations Development Programme 06/19/2017 UNDP
African governments commit to investing in green innovation to boost continent's development 06/19/2017 UN Environment
Message of Monique Barbut, Executive Secretary, United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification on the occasion of World Day to Combat Desertification, 17 June 2017 06/17/2017 UNCCD
Africa acts on distressed migration of youth - UNCCD press release for World Day to Combat Desertification 06/16/2017 UNCCD
Land degradation and migration: Will restoring the land keep people at home? 06/16/2017 UNDP
In Africa’s drylands, opportunities to cut vulnerability to drought and famine are within reach 06/15/2017 World Bank Group
Bosnia doubles protected land area, opens parks for free on 5 June 06/09/2017 World Environment Day
Fashion Forward: Women in Niger break through with unique sewing cooperatives and improved farm marketing to support climate resilient lives 06/09/2017 UNDP
Waves of Action - Community solutions, sustainable ocean 06/07/2017 UNDP