Partner News

Title Date Source
All that Flickers is Gold: The $62 Billion Opportunity of our Thrown-Away Electronics 01/24/2019 WEF
The Global Risks Report 2019 01/22/2019 WEF
The Global Commission on Adaptation speaks out at COP24 in Katowice (GCA) 01/22/2019 GSA
Registration Opens for ADB's 52nd Annual Meeting in Fiji 01/22/2019 ADB
EBRD green financing hits 36 percent of total investments in 2018 01/22/2019 EBRD
Conservation International, Ocean Outcomes Seek a More Sustainable Global Seafood Supply Chain 01/22/2019 CI
Circular economy strategies would tip balance in battle against dangerous climate change 01/22/2019 Circular Economy
Circular Economy Crucial for Paris Climate Goals 01/22/2019 UNFCCC
CPIC releases new blueprints to boost investment in nature conservation 01/10/2019 CPIC
US$ 20 million financing to private Lebanese electricity provider BUTEC 01/07/2019 EBRD
New era of global climate action to begin under Paris climate change agreement 12/17/2018 UNFCCC
FAO and the GEF: Partnering for sustainable agriculture and the environment 12/14/2018 FAO
Global Climate Action Lights the Way Ahead for Enhanced Ambition 12/14/2018 UNFCCC
Adaptation Fund at COP24 12/03/2018 Adaptation Fund
Forest Guardians: In Mexico working to preserve and protect the forests, so that they can reciprocally provide for local communities 11/30/2018 UNDP
196 Governments agree to scale up investments in nature and people towards 2020 and beyond 11/30/2018 UN Environment
The future looks bright: Supporting sustainable and resilient cities throughout México 11/30/2018 UNDP
Get down to work: Independent recovery efforts blossom into resilient climate action in Mexico 11/30/2018 UNDP
COP24 Kicks off in Katowice: Here’s What You Need to Know 11/29/2018 World Bank
Creation of protected areas to benefit African countries – UN official 11/28/2018 EnviroNews
Nations must triple efforts to reach 2°C target, concludes annual review of global emissions, climate action 11/27/2018 UN Environment
Climate Threatened Nations’ Leaders in First Virtual Summit 11/26/2018 CVF
Fighting for the last Eden: saving Madagascar’s unique species 11/26/2018 UN Environment
Countries meet to address mercury as global emissions rise by 20% 11/22/2018 UN Environment
Think globally, act locally 11/21/2018 UNDP