Partner News

Title Date Source
Press Release: Bold Climate Action Could Deliver US$26 Trillion to 2030, Finds Global Commission 09/07/2018 The New Climate Economy
Bangkok Climate Change Conference Opens 09/04/2018 UNFCCC
GLF Nairobi backs taking U.N. decade of ecosystem restoration concept to General Assembly 08/31/2018 Global Landscapes Forum
Sea turtles, fishermen and starfish: striking a delicate balance for marine conservation 08/27/2018 UN Environment
African Development Bank, Nordic Development Fund and Partners launch Off-Grid Energy Access Fund with US$58 million 08/27/2018 AfDB
Towards sustainable management of the “Amazon of Africa”: the Mayombe Transboundary Forest Initiative gets a fresh start 08/23/2018 UN Environment
Palau ratifies Nagoya Protocol to safeguard its biodiversity 08/23/2018 UN Environment
Funding Requests to the Adaptation Fund Hit Record High of US$ 264 Million 08/13/2018 Adaptation Fund
Advancing national dialogue on the environment in Tonga 08/13/2018 UN Environment
Leveraging PPPs in Mozambique to scale conservation and promote economic development 07/30/2018 World Bank Group
Low-carbon, climate-resilient development 07/26/2018 UNDP
El PPD GEF/PNUD Colombia, da apoyo técnico y financiero a proyectos ambientales que fortalecen capacidad local y modos de vida sostenibles 07/25/2018 GEF SGP Colombia
President Weah Launches Coastal Project in New Kru Town 07/16/2018 UNDP
ADB Signs Private Sector Deal to Support PRC's Push for Green Urban Transport 07/16/2018 ADB
From Little Things, Big Things Grow: Working with the Global Environment Facility for Scaled Up Action 07/09/2018 World Bank
UN Biodiversity Lab launched to revolutionize biodiversity planning and reporting 07/06/2018 UNDP
UN Biodiversity Convention’s science and implementation bodies meet to lay groundwork for post-2020 global biodiversity framework negotiations 07/02/2018 Convention on Biological Diversity
ADB President Attends Global Environment Facility Assembly, Meets Prime Minister in Da Nang, Viet Nam 06/27/2018 ADB
UNIDO and Viet Nam committed to inclusive and sustainable industrial development 06/27/2018 UNIDO
IFAD and GEF: Working together to boost the development dividend 06/27/2018 IFAD
EBRD and GEF promote green finance together 06/27/2018 EBRD
GCF and GEF harmonise steps to follow developing country lead in climate finance 06/27/2018 Green Climate Fund
An ode to the lady in blue in Kassala State, Sudan 06/21/2018 World Bank
Warming weather could reduce the nutritional value of rice 06/18/2018 UN Environment
In Ghana, Resourceful Communities Transform Landscapes, Livelihoods 06/15/2018 World Bank