Partner News

Title Date Source
Celebrating 70 years 02/09/2018 IUCN
UNIDO and partners promote clean cooking technology in Tanzania 02/01/2018 UNIDO
GCIP Global Week celebrates the best cleantech innovations from around the world 01/31/2018 UNIDO
3 Big Ideas to Achieve Sustainable Cities and Communities 01/31/2018 World Bank
Improving flood intervention systems to reducing damage 01/26/2018 UNDP
New water storage dam in Baligubadle, Somaliland, will provide safe water access to estimated 10,000 people in the region 01/25/2018 UNDP
Leaders Unite to Fight Waste and Pollution amid Warnings of 18 tonnes of Natural Resources Extracted for Every Human on the Planet in 2050 01/24/2018 World Economic Forum
Growing with the grain 01/19/2018 UNDP
Pope’s Visit Highlights Gold Mining Problems -and Solutions 01/17/2018 NRDC
Managing genetic biodiversity in the Pacific 01/15/2018 UN Environment
Precious, diverse and cutting edge: Welcome to Croatia’s parks 01/09/2018 UNDP
African Development Bank approves vital LDCF-financed climate change adaptation program in the Horn of Africa 01/04/2018 AfDB
Faces of change: fighting for a mercury-free future 12/22/2017 UN Environment
Defusing Ethiopia’s toxic time bomb 12/21/2017 UN Environment
Valuing and protecting biodiversity in the Caribbean 12/20/2017 UN Environment
Policy Development and Field Implementation: A Two-way Street 12/15/2017 IFAD
Afghanistan launches US$71 million initiative to prepare rural communities for climate change 12/13/2017 UNDP
New fund initiative hailed as an innovative climate solution at One Planet Summit 12/12/2017 UNCCD
One Planet Summit: Finance Commitments Fire-Up Higher Momentum for Paris Climate Change Agreement 12/12/2017 UNFCCC
The United Nations Development Programme and GEF support Benin in strengthening resilience to climate risks 12/11/2017 UNDP
Taking climate action with Global Environment Facility funds 12/08/2017 UNIDO
UNEA High-level segment: “Towards a Pollution-Free Planet” 12/04/2017 UNDP
Land management milestones 11/30/2017 UN Environment
Closing the loop: how a circular economy helps us #BeatPollution 11/30/2017 UN Environment
Act now to save wildlife: 5 actions that make a difference 11/28/2017 World Bank Group