Partner News

Title Date Source
Impact investment fund strengthens support to sustainable coastal fisheries 11/22/2017 Fish Information & Services
Adaptation Fund Contributors Came Through for Fund at COP 23 with Record Support for Most Climate-Vulnerable 11/22/2017 Adaptation Fund
Pioneering climate fund for developing world gets a boost at U.N. talks 11/20/2017 Reuters
Impact Fund Surpasses $17 Million for Sustainable Coastal Fisheries in Indonesia and the Philippines 11/20/2017 Hawaii News Now
Adaptation Fund: 10 Years of Innovation, Action & Learning (report) 11/17/2017 Adaptation Fund
Making our world more biosafe 11/16/2017 UN Environment
Adaptation Fund to Celebrate 10 Years of Pioneering Climate Innovation, Action and Learning at Special Bonn Event 11/15/2017 Adaptation Fund
Champions For Climate Action – The NDC Partnership 11/14/2017 UNDP
‘InsuResilience’ to Provide the Poor with More Financial Protection Against Climate Risks 11/14/2017 UNFCCC
Adaptation Fund Side Event Showcases Environmental and Social Policies in Helping Ensure Focus on Most Vulnerable 11/12/2017 Adaptation Fund
Bhutan, WWF and Partners Announce Deal to Permanently Secure Bhutan’s Extensive Network of Protected Areas 11/11/2017 WWF
Battling pollution in the Philippines’ largest lake 11/08/2017 UN Environment
A Small Island Country Steps Forward to Unite the World Behind Climate Action 11/06/2017 World Bank
Germany Opens UN Climate Conference with EUR 50M Pledge to Adaptation Fund 11/06/2017 Adaptation Fund
Partnering for the health of people and planet 11/06/2017 UNDP
UN Climate Change Conference 2017 Aims for Further, Faster Ambition Together 11/05/2017 UNFCCC
Adaptation Fund: 10 Years of Innovation, Action & Learning 11/03/2017 Adaptation Fund
PM's interaction with global CEOs of the Food Processing sector 11/03/2017 Press Information Bureau, Government of India
EESL receives $454 mn funding from Global Environment Facility for energy efficiency programs 11/01/2017 The Economic Times (India)
More Coordinated and More Impactful: What a Common Sustainable Urban Development Strategy among IFIs is Leading to 10/25/2017 GPSC
Niue to create large-scale marine protected area encompassing 40% of the country's EEZ 10/20/2017 UNDP
Connecting islands, weathering storms 10/13/2017 UNDP
Historic milestone reached in global fight against mercury pollution 10/02/2017 UN Environment
From improved governance to community engagement in saving Mozambique's dugongs 09/29/2017 Save Our Species
Investing in Innovative Nature-Based Solutions 09/26/2017 UNDP