Capacity Needs Assessment for the implementation of the National Biodiversity Strategy and support to the Clearing House Mechanism

Project Summary

The national objective aims to enable the elaboration and efficient implementation of appropriate measures to ensure biological diversity conservation and sustainable use, which will contribute to meeting the country's commitments in compliance with the international conventions relative to biological diversity.The project will identify and assess the human and institutional capacity needs to implement and improve the efficiency of the measures for the conservation of biodiversity that the country has adopted in the National Biodiversity Strategy and its Law on the Environment, and to reinforce the biodiversity Clearing House Mechanism (CHM) in the country.This project will be intimately linked to the National Capacity Self-Assessment for the global environment (NCSA) project. The objective of the NCSA project is to conduct a thorough and systemic assessment and analysis of the country’s capacity needs and of the constraints that the Union of the Comoros is facing in its efforts to fulfil its commitments towards the global environment as stated in the Rio conventions and their international instruments. The scope of the NCSA is not simply biodiversity but environmental in a sustainable development context. The implementation of the NCSA project is scheduled for January 2004.

Project Details

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Enabling Activity
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GEF Trust Fund
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United Nations Development Programme
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Ministry of External Affairs, Cooperation and Francophonie
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GEF - 3
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274,000 USD
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41,100 USD
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Project Timeline

Received by GEF
10 Mar 2004
Project Approved for Implementation
31 Mar 2004
Project closed