Implementation of the Benguela Current LME Action Program for Restoring Depleted Fisheries and Reducing Coastal Resources Degradation

Project Summary

The overall reduction in degradation of the BCLME, with emphasis on the restoration of its depleted fisheries, through effective implementation and long-term sustainability of the BCLME SAP. Project Objective: The implementation of the BCLME SAP through the adoption of national policy reforms, the sustainable institutionalisation of a regional Commission, and the endorsement and ratification of a binding international Treaty for the LME.

Project Details

GEF Project ID
Project Type
Full-size Project
Focal Areas
Funding Source
GEF Trust Fund
Implementing Agencies
United Nations Development Programme
Executing Agencies
GEF Project Manager
Christian Severin |


Project Preparation Grant Amount
310,450 USD
GEF Project Grant
5,138,460 USD
Co-financing Total
62,029,338 USD
GEF Agency Fees
544,891 USD
Total Cost 67,478,248.00 USD

Project Timeline

Received by GEF
21 Nov 2006
Preparation Grant Approved
16 Apr 2007
Concept Approved
01 Nov 2007
Project Approved for Implementation
09 Feb 2009
Project closed
21 Apr 2013