Lake Pomorie Conservation, Restoration and Sustainable Management Project

Project Summary

This Project aims to promote the sustainable management of the Pomoriisko Lake and wetland ecosystem by fostering a combination of restoration, conservation and sustainable production activities. Through a partnership comprised of an NGO, the local municipality and the private sector, the project will integrate the conservation of globally important bird habitat and unique hyper-saline plant and animal communities with the sustainable management of tourism and the area’s natural resources.

Project Details

GEF Project ID
Project Type
Medium-size Project
Focal Areas
Funding Source
GEF Trust Fund
Implementing Agencies
The World Bank
Executing Agencies
GREEN BALKANS CONSERVATION NGO, Municipal government, private sector, Ministry of Environment and Waters
GEF Period:
GEF - 3
Approval Fiscal Year:


Project Preparation Grant Amount
25,000 USD
GEF Project Grant
863,100 USD
Co-financing Total
1,118,090 USD
GEF Agency Fees
146,000 USD
Total Cost 2,006,190.00 USD

Project Timeline

Received by GEF
Preparation Grant Approved
27 Feb 2003
Project Approved for Implementation
04 Jan 2005
Project closed
01 Feb 2010