Marine Electronic Highway Demonstration

Project Summary

The coastal marine and natural resources of south-east Asia's Straits of Malacca and Singapore are estimated to have a net economic value of over $5 billion, which make it one of the most valuable international sea lanes in the world. The Marine Electronic Highway (MEH) Demonstration Project is the first phase of a potential tow-phase MEH Development Program that is designed to help the littoral countries conserve sustainable use of resources. The Program's economic development goal is to improve the efficiency, safety and environmental sustainability of marine transport through the Straits. Its global environment goal is conservation of the Strait's biologically rich marine and coastal ecosystems. The MEH Program would achieve these goals by: a) reducing the frequency of ship collisions in the Strait's congested sea lanes; b) making marine navigation in the Straits safer and more cost effective; c) deterring illegal bilge water and other ship waste releases, and d) establishing a MEH-supported fund to co-finance both the MEH system and coastal and marine resource conservation in the Straits. If the Straits MEH Program achieves regional objectives and goals, it should stimulate extension of the MEH to the entire Persian Gulf to Far East shipping route and its replication on other major world shipping routes.The objective of the first phase of the MEH Program - the Marine Electronic Highway Demonstration Project - is to determine if a MEH system for the Straits of Malacca and Singapore is economically and environmentally justified and is financially sustainable.

Project Details

GEF Project ID
Project Type
Full-size Project
Focal Areas
Funding Source
GEF Trust Fund
Implementing Agencies
The World Bank
Executing Agencies
GEF Period:
GEF - 3
Approval Fiscal Year:


Project Preparation Grant Amount
350,000 USD
GEF Project Grant
8,300,000 USD
Co-financing Total
7,500,000 USD
GEF Agency Fees
932,000 USD
Total Cost 16,150,000.00 USD

Project Timeline

Received by GEF
02 Aug 2001
Preparation Grant Approved
07 Nov 2000
Concept Approved
01 Jul 2003
Project Approved for Implementation
27 Apr 2006
Project closed
30 Jun 2011