Support to the National Programme of Action for the Protection of the Arctic Marine Environment, Tranche 1

Project Summary

The project will focus on pre-investment studies of identified priority hot spots with known significant transboundary consequences. Additional activities will include the necessary support in the development of legal, policy, institutional and economic mechanisms and instruments required to strengthen protection of the marine environment from anthropogenic activities. The PDF-B activities will concentrate on the review of existing legislation and administrative arrangements in the Russian Federation, analysis of selected pre-investment studies already carried out by the Russian Federation, definition of procedures for the comprehensive evaluation and prioritization of existing activities in the Russian Federation contributing to the damages and threats to the Arctic marine environment, and definition of precedures for estimating incremental costs of identified priority interventions.

Project Details

GEF Project ID
Project Type
Full-size Project
Russian Federation
Focal Areas
Funding Source
GEF Trust Fund
Implementing Agencies
United Nations Environment Programme
Executing Agencies
Ministry of Economic Development - ACOPS
GEF Period:
GEF - 2
Approval Fiscal Year:


Project Preparation Grant Amount
306,000 USD
GEF Project Grant
5,885,000 USD
Co-financing Total
16,976,000 USD
GEF Agency Fees
222,773 USD
Total Cost 23,167,000.00 USD

Project Timeline

Received by GEF
Preparation Grant Approved
20 Jul 1999
Concept Approved
01 Dec 2001
Project Approved for Implementation
30 Jul 2003
Project closed
13 Jan 2014