TT-Pilot (GEF-4): Technology Transfer: Typha-based Thermal Insulation Material Production in Senegal

Project Summary

The project goal is to facilitate the development in Senegal of a local production of thermal insulation material based on Typha. It targets the improvement of energy efficiency in both rural and urban building techniques.

Project Details

GEF Project ID
Project Type
Full-size Project
Project Approved
Focal Areas
Funding Source
GEF Trust Fund
Implementing Agencies
United Nations Development Programme
Executing Agencies
Direction de l’Environnement et des Etablissements Classés (DEEC), Direction nationale de l’Industrie, Direction nationale de l’énergie, ARESA (Agence Nationale de la Recherche Scientifique Appliquée) ; SOCOCIM Industries (Groupe Vicat, Senegal), Ciments du Sahel (Senegal), Naporo Klima Dämmstoff GmbH (Austria), Ort_GangArchitektur (Austria), International Organization for Migration (IOM).
GEF Period:
GEF - 4
Approval Fiscal Year:


Project Preparation Grant Amount
100,000 USD
GEF Project Grant
2,000,000 USD
Co-financing Total
5,647,884 USD
GEF Agency Fees
200,000 USD
Total Cost 7,747,884.00 USD

Project Timeline

Received by GEF
18 Aug 2009
Preparation Grant Approved
28 Sep 2009
Concept Approved
30 Nov 2009
Project Approved for Implementation
13 Sep 2012
Project closed
30 Sep 2016