This publication documents the progress and results achieved by the national and regional projects during 2020 in Brazil, Colombia, and Peru. These accomplishments are a result of the strong collaboration among the national and subnational governments and executing agencies, GEF implementing agencies, and especially, the effort put forth by the Amazon Sustainable Landscapes Program teams, their partners, and the communities we serve.

The Amazon Sustainable Landscapes Program (ASL) is an impact program funded by the Global Environment Facility with the objective to protect globally significant biodiversity and implement policies to foster sustainable land use and restoration of native vegetation cover in the Amazon regions of Brazil, Colombia, and Peru. The ASL national projects are led by the countries’ ministries of environment and are being executed collaboratively between public and private entities. The World Bank (lead agency), WWF, and UNDP act as GEF implementing agencies providing support and supervision. A regional coordination project, implemented by the World Bank, provides technical assistance and knowledge management opportunities to the participant countries.

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