Delivering Transformational Change, the Journey of the GEF

Delivering Transformational Change: The Journey of the Global Environment Facility looks back over the two terms of CEO and Chairperson Naoko Ishii. It also looks forward to the challenges and opportunities ahead.

Over the last eight years, the GEF has focused on drivers, or root causes, of environmental degradation, and not only their consequences. It has developed ambitious, hopefully transformative, programs and projects that embody the "integrated" approach. It has promoted multi-stakeholder partnerships, as no single entity on its own can promote large-scale systems change. And the GEF has upgraded its business standards, policies and procedures to support implementation toward impactful outcomes.

Despite progress made, the global environmental community continues to only make incremental change against exponential problems.

This must change. The current COVID-19 crisis has taught humanity how woefully ill-prepared it is for downside risks. At the same time, it also shows some disruptive change may be possible.

Looking ahead, there may be more willingness to embrace major non-incremental changes. The GEF needs to seize this moment. No institution is better equipped to offer ideas and lead the way than the GEF is.