Tracking progress and reporting on results demonstrate how the GEF is contributing to delivering global environmental benefits. This takes place by reviewing the GEF’s performance against the targets set at each replenishment and by providing a focus on the environmental impact of our projects and programs. Lessons learned from this process ensure that management decisions enhance the overall effectiveness and accountability of projects and programs.

The GEF relies on a results framework structured around priority programming areas. Eleven core indicators translate the GEF-7 level of ambition by tracking progress towards global environmental benefit (GEB) targets. This approach cuts across focal areas, allowing for a comprehensive monitoring of the results achieved by projects and programs, and includes tracking data on beneficiaries disaggregated by gender.

Detailed definitions and methodological guidance for these indicators are provided in the Guidelines on Core Indicators and Sub-Indicators. This document and project reviews ensure a consistent application of the core indicators across GEF projects and programs. The GEF is continuously improving its results architecture and projects approved in GEF-5 and earlier report on results using tracking tools.

Results Reports

Corporate Scorecards

The Corporate Scorecard is the key report on progress made with the GEF-7. It serves as the primary tool for monitoring and measuring the GEF’s performance and the achievement of its strategic priorities. Since June 2016, it provides evidence to Council members twice a year on progress made and facilitates key management decisions.

Monitoring Report

The GEF’s Monitoring Report (formerly Annual Performance Monitoring Review) provides a summary of the progress and performance of the active portfolio of projects. It reflects the GEF’s approach to portfolio-level monitoring and reporting on results, performance and financing. The document has a strategic orientation, highlighting data and trends on performance areas of interest to the Council.

Title Date File
Capacity Development Tracking Tools
GEF Biodiversity Tracking Tool (GEF-3-4-5 )
GEF Biodiversity Tracking Tool (GEF-6)
GEF CBIT Tracking Tool (GEF-6)
GEF Chemicals and Waste Tracking Tool
GEF Climate Change Adaptation Results Framework (GEF-7)
GEF Climate Change Adaptation Tracking Tool
GEF Climate Change Mitigation Tracking Tool
GEF International Waters Tracking Tool
GEF Land Degradation Tracking Tool (GEF-5)
GEF Land Degradation Tracking Tool (GEF-6)
GEF Sustainable Forest Mgt. Tracking Tool

GEF-7 and GEF-8 Biodiversity Protected Area Tracking Tool
GEF-8 Results Measurement Framework