Focal Points

Contacts below are organized by country

Republic of Korea

Mr. Hyuk Lee

Operational Focal Point since 2023-05-15
Deputy Director
Ministry of Environment, International Cooperation Bureau
Government Complex Sejong 11, Doum 6-RO
Sejong Special Self-Governing City 30103
Republic of Korea
Tel: +82 44 201 6577
Fax: +82 44 201 6574
Email: hlee80(a t ); yumic(a t ); waveloving(a t )


Mr. Patrick Karera

Political Focal Point since 2020-08-14
Permanent Secretary
Ministry of Environment
P.O. Box 3502
Email: pkarera at

Ms. Juliet Kabera

Operational Focal Point since 2020-08-14
Director General
Rwanda Environment Management Authority (REMA)
P.O. Box 7436 Kacyiru
Tel: +250 252580101
Fax: +250252580017
Email: jkabera(A T); bkabandana(A T)