GEF Trust Fund/Multi Trust Fund Program/Project Proposals submitted for Council Approval (61)

GEF ID Country Agencies Title Focal Areas
4001 Global The World Bank MED: Sustainable Governance and Knowledge Generation International Waters
3991 Egypt The World Bank MED: Enhanced Water Resources Management International Waters
3989 Morocco United Nations Development Programme MENARID: A Circular Economy Approach to AgrobiodiversityConservation in the Souss-Massa Drâa Region ofMorocco Biodiversity
3987 Eritrea Food and Agriculture Organization Eritrea: Prevention and Disposal of POPs and Obsolete Pesticides Chemicals and Waste, Chemicals and Waste
3986 Mozambique Food and Agriculture Organization Disposal of POPs Wastes and Obsolete Pesticides Chemicals and Waste, Chemicals and Waste
3983 Tajikistan The World Bank POPs Pesticide Elimination, Mitigation and Site Management Project Chemicals and Waste, Chemicals and Waste
3980 Philippines Asian Development Bank CTI Integrated Natural Resources and Environmental Management Sector Biodiversity, Climate Change, International Waters
3978 Regional The World Bank MED: Regional Coordination on Improved Water Resources Management and Capacity Building Horizontal Adaptable Programmatic Programme (H-APL)(TA) International Waters
3976 Cambodia United Nations Industrial Development Organization Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions through Improved Energy Efficiency in the Industrial Sector Climate Change
3974 Tunisia The World Bank MED: Tunisia Northern Tunis Wastewater Project International Waters
3972 Viet Nam The World Bank Vietnam Clean Production and Energy Efficiency Project Climate Change
3971 Bolivia United Nations Development Programme SFM Biodiversity Conservation through Sustainable Forest Management by Local Communities Biodiversity
3970 Syria The World Bank MED: Coastal Rivers and Orontes River Basins Water Resources Management Project International Waters
3968 Regional United Nations Environment Programme, United Nations Industrial Development Organization AFLDC: Capacity Strengthening and Technical Assistance for the Implementation of Stockholm Convention National Implementation Plans (NIPs) in African Least Developed Countries (LDCs) of the COMESA Subregion Chemicals and Waste
3965 Tanzania United Nations Development Programme Strengthening the Protected Area Network in Southern Tanzania: Improving the Effectiveness of National Parks in Addressing Threats to Biodiversity Biodiversity
3964 Argentina The World Bank Third National Communication to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change Climate Change
3959 Chad United Nations Industrial Development Organization SPWA-CC: Promoting renewable energy based mini-grids for rural electrification and productive uses Climate Change
3956 Costa Rica United Nations Development Programme Consolidating Costa Rica's Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) Biodiversity
3955 Cuba United Nations Development Programme Enhancing the Prevention, Control and Management of Invasive Alien Species in Vulnerable Ecosystems Biodiversity
3954 Papua New Guinea United Nations Development Programme PAS: Community-Based Forest and Coastal Conservation and Resource Management in PNG Biodiversity
3952 Algeria United Nations Development Programme MENARID: Conservation of Globally Significant Biodiversity and Sustainable Use of Ecosystem Services in Algeria’s Cultural Parks Biodiversity, Land Degradation
3948 South Africa United Nations Environment Programme Reducing the Carbon Footprint of Major Sporting Events, FIFA 2010 and the implementation of the national greening programme in liaison with 2010 FIFA LOC Climate Change
3944 Liberia United Nations Industrial Development Organization SPWA-CC: Installation of multi purpose mini-hydro infrastructure (for energy & irrigation ) Climate Change
3943 Nigeria United Nations Industrial Development Organization SPWA-CC: Mini-grids based on Renewable Energy (small-hydro and biomass) Sources to Augment Rural Electrification Climate Change
3937 Sierra Leone United Nations Industrial Development Organization SPWA-CC: Promoting Mini Grids Based on Small Hydropower for Productive Uses in Sierra Leone Climate Change
3936 India United Nations Development Programme IND-BD Mainstreaming Coastal and Marine Biodiversity Conservation into Production Sectors in the Godavari River Estuary in Andhra Pradesh State Biodiversity
3935 Armenia United Nations Development Programme LGGE Improving Energy Efficiency in Buildings Climate Change
3930 Colombia United Nations Development Programme Energy Efficiency Standards and Labels in Colombia (S&L Colombia) Climate Change
3929 Indonesia The World Bank Promoting Sustainable Production Forest Management to Secure Globally Important Biodiversity Biodiversity
3927 Algeria United Nations Environment Programme Integrated Approach for Zero Emission Project Development in the New Town of Boughzoul Climate Change
3924 Global The World Bank Development Market Place 2009: Adaptation to Climate Change (DM 2009) Biodiversity, Climate Change, International Waters, Land Degradation
3922 Gambia United Nations Industrial Development Organization SPWA-CC: Promoting Renewable Energy Based Mini Grids for Productive Uses in Rural Areas in The Gambia Climate Change
3917 Ukraine United Nations Industrial Development Organization Improving Energy Efficiency and Promoting Renewable Energy in the Agro-Food and other Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Ukraine Climate Change
3910 Argentina United Nations Development Programme Inter-jurisdictional System of Coastal-Marine Protected Areas (ISCMPA) Biodiversity
3908 Malaysia United Nations Industrial Development Organization CF Industrial Energy Efficiency for Malaysian Manufacturing Sector (IEEMMS) Climate Change
3905 Egypt The World Bank Sustainable Persistent Organic Pollutants Management Project Chemicals and Waste
3903 Central African Republic United Nations Development Programme CBSP Strengthened Management of the National Protected Areas System Through Involvement of Local Communities Biodiversity
3889 Panama Inter-American Development Bank Mainstreaming biodiversity conservation through low-impact ecotourism in the SINAP Biodiversity
3881 Ghana United Nations Development Programme SPWA-CC: Promoting of Appliance Energy Efficiency and Transformation of the Refrigerating Appliances Market in Ghana. Climate Change
3865 Venezuela United Nations Development Programme Strengthening the Marine and Coastal Protected Areas System Biodiversity
3863 El Salvador United Nations Development Programme Mainstreaming Biodiversity Management into Fisheries and Tourism Activities carried out in Coastal /Marine Ecosystems Biodiversity
3859 Philippines United Nations Development Programme CTI: Partnerships for Biodiversity Conservation: Mainstreaming in Local Agricultural Landscapes Biodiversity
3858 Regional The World Bank Sustainable Financing and Management of Eastern Caribbean Marine Ecosystems Biodiversity
3848 Brazil Food and Agriculture Organization Integrated Management of the Ilha Grande Bay Ecosystem Biodiversity
3832 Egypt United Nations Development Programme Improving the Energy Efficiency of Lighting and Building Appliances Climate Change
3825 Pakistan United Nations Development Programme Mountains and Markets: Biodiversity and Business in Northern Pakistan Biodiversity
3821 Cameroon Food and Agriculture Organization CBSP Sustainable Community Based Management and Conservation of Mangrove Ecosystems in Cameroon Biodiversity
3813 Mexico United Nations Environment Programme Integrating Trade-offs between Supply of Ecosystem Services and Land Use Options into Poverty Alleviation Efforts and Development Planning Biodiversity
3806 Honduras United Nations Development Programme Strengthening National Management Capacities and Reducing Releases of POPs in Honduras Chemicals and Waste, Chemicals and Waste
3804 Nigeria United Nations Development Programme Less Burnt for a Clean Earth: Minimization of Dioxin Emission from Open Burning Sources Chemicals and Waste, Chemicals and Waste