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C.50 Work Program Submitted for Council Approval

GEF Trust Fund/Multi Trust Fund Program/Project Proposals submitted for Council Approval (37)

GEF ID CountryGEF AgencyProject TitleFocal Areas
9452GlobalUnited Nations Environment ProgrammeTechnology Needs Assessments - Phase III (TNA Phase III)Climate Change
9451RegionalThe World BankCaribbean Regional Oceanscape ProjectMulti Focal Area
9445MexicoConservation InternationalConservation and Sustainable Use of Biological Diversity in Priority Landscapes of Oaxaca and ChiapasBiodiversity
9442GlobalUnited Nations Environment ProgrammeUmbrella Programme for Preparation of National Communications and Biennial Update Reports to the UNFCCCClimate Change
9434Timor LesteConservation InternationalSecuring the Long-term Conservation of Timor Leste Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services through the Establishement of a Functioning National Protected Area Network and the Improvement of Natural Resource Management in Priority Catchment CorridorsMulti Focal Area
9429CubaUnited Nations Development ProgrammeIncorporating Multiple Environmental Considerations and their Economic Implications into the Management of Landscapes Forests and Production Sectors in CubaMulti Focal Area
9424Dominican RepublicUnited Nations Development ProgrammeMainstreaming Conservation of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services in Productive Landscapes in Threatened Forested Mountainous AreasMulti Focal Area
9417ChadInternational Union for Conservation of NatureRestoring Ecological Corridors in the Mayo-Kebbi Quest, Chad, to Support Multiple Land and Forests Benefits - RECONNECTMulti Focal Area
9416Costa RicaUnited Nations Development ProgrammeConserving Biodiversity through Sustainable Management in Production Landscapes in Costa RicaMulti Focal Area
9413BrazilUnited Nations Environment ProgrammeRealizing the Biodiversity Conservation Potential of Private Lands Multi Focal Area
9408RegionalUnited Nations Environment ProgrammePreventing COSTS of Invasive Alien Species (IAS) in Barbados and the OECS CountriesBiodiversity
9407RegionalUnited Nations Environment ProgrammeHealthy Ecosystems for Rangeland Development (HERD): Sustainable Rangeland Management Strategies and PracticesLand Degradation
9406St. LuciaUnited Nations Environment ProgrammeIntegrated Ecosystem Management and Restoration of Forests on the South East Coast of St. Lucia Multi Focal Area
9402Antigua And BarbudaUnited Nations Environment ProgrammeThe Path to 2020 - Antigua and BarbudaBiodiversity
9393TogoWest African Development BankHybridization of Diesel Engines of Multifunctional Platforms with Solar SystemsClimate Change
9380MexicoFood and Agriculture OrganizationSecuring the Future of Global Agriculture in the Face of Climate Change by Conserving the Genetic Diversity of the Traditional Agro-ecosystems of MexicoBiodiversity
9361Viet NamUnited Nations Development ProgrammeMainstreaming Natural Resource Management and Biodiversity Conservation Objectives into Socio-economic Development Planning and Management of Biosphere Reserve in Viet NamMulti Focal Area
9357ParaguayUnited Nations Industrial Development OrganizationStrengthening the Environmentally-sound Management and Final Disposal of PCBs Chemicals and Waste
9291Central African RepublicUnited Nations Development ProgrammePromotion of Small Hydropower-based Mini-Grids for A Better Access to Modern Energy Services in Central African RepublicClimate Change
9288SurinameUnited Nations Development ProgrammeImproving Environmental Management in the Mining Sector of Suriname, with Emphasis on Gold Mining Multi Focal Area
9279TurkmenistanUnited Nations Development ProgrammeSustainable Cities: Integrated Green Urban Development in Ashgabat and AwazaClimate Change
9270MalaysiaInternational Fund for Agricultural DevelopmentSustainable Management of Peatland Ecosystems in Malaysia (SMPEM)Multi Focal Area
9262HondurasUnited Nations Development ProgrammeAgroforestry Landscapes and Sustainable Forest Management that Generate Environmental and Economic Benefits Globally and LocallyMulti Focal Area
9243IndiaFood and Agriculture OrganizationGreen-Ag: Transforming Indian Agriculture for Global Environmental Benefits and the Conservation of Critical Biodiversity and Forest LandscapesMulti Focal Area
9241KenyaUnited Nations Development ProgrammeSixth Operational Phase of the GEF Small Grants Programme in KenyaMulti Focal Area
9234CameroonAfrican Development BankIntegrated Sustainable Urban Development (SUDP) and Environmentally Sound Management of Municipal Solid Waste Project in Cameroon Multi Focal Area
9231PakistanUnited Nations Development ProgrammeSnow Leopard and Ecosystem Protection Program Multi Focal Area
9227GeorgiaUnited Nations Industrial Development OrganizationPCB-Free Electricity Distribution in GeorgiaChemicals and Waste
9218TurkeyUnited Nations Industrial Development OrganizationSustainable Use of Biomass to Assist the Development of Turkey's Economy Towards Green GrowthClimate Change
9206PeruUnited Nations Industrial Development OrganizationSustainable Industrial Zone Development Multi Focal Area
9205KazakhstanUnited Nations Development ProgrammeSixth Operational Phase of the GEF Small Grants Programme in KazakhstanMulti Focal Area
9204JordanUnited Nations Development ProgrammeA Systemic Approach to Sustainable Urbanization and Resource Efficiency in Greater Amman Municipality (GAM)Climate Change
9193KazakhstanUnited Nations Development ProgrammeConservation and Sustainable Management of Key Globally Important Ecosystems for Multiple Benefits Multi Focal Area
9191TajikistanUnited Nations Development ProgrammeGreen Energy SMEs Development Project Climate Change
9153UruguayFood and Agriculture OrganizationClimate-smart Livestock Production and Land Restoration in the Uruguayan RangelandsMulti Focal Area
9151Bosnia-HerzegovinaUnited Nations Development ProgrammeCatalyzing Environmental Finance for Low-Carbon Urban Development Climate Change
9040ComorosUnited Nations Development ProgrammeSustainable Development of Comoros Islands by Promoting the Geothermal Energy ResourcesClimate Change

GEF Trust Fund/Multi Trust Fund Projects submitted under Programmatic Approaches (2)

GEF ID CountryGEF AgencyProject TitleFocal Areas
9433MadagascarWorld Wildlife Fund - US ChapterS3MR Sustainable Management of Madagascar's Marine ResourcesMulti Focal Area
9264GlobalInternational Union for Conservation of NatureTRI The Restoration Initiative - Fostering Innovation and Integration in Support of the Bonn ChallengeMulti Focal Area