Astrid Hillers

Astrid has joined the International Waters (IW) team, coming from the World Bank where she has worked since 2000.  She has been engaged in cooperation on river basins in Africa, especially the Nile Basin Initiative, most of her time at the Bank. In the last three years, she has been part of the Bank's Climate Change team and has been involved in developing the Bank's 'Strategic Framework for Development and Climate Change' as well as working on adaptation to climate change, focussing on coordinating the Pilot Program for Climate Resilience.  She joined the Bank coming from UNDP where she also worked on Nile Basin cooperation as well as on Ecological Sanitation approaches. Astrid is a German national and an environmental engineer by training with a MSE/Diploma in Bio-engineering earned in 86 in Hamburg, a MSE in Civil and Environmental Engineering, and a MS in Natural Resources from the University of Michigan. Before coming to the U.S. in 1989, she worked for the German Environmental Protection Agency in the water quality compliance program of the city/state of Hamburg and was involved for some time in closed-loop water reuse systems for aquaculture prior to that.

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Global Programs Coordinator, Africa regional team, International Waters, CFI Program Lead
GEF Secretariat - Programs Unit
Sr. Environmental Specialist