GEF Water Expert Honored for Transboundary Resource Management

November 19, 2009


16 NOVEMBER 2009 | Washington, DC— The prestigious professional group American Water Resources Association (AWRA) has honored Dr.  Al Duda, GEF senior advisor for international waters for his longstanding dedication to sound water resource management.

“With 173 rich and poor countries coming together to work collaboratively on the shared water systems of our planet, we are proud that Al has put the objectives of AWRA into practice globally,” Ken Reid, AWRA executive director said.  The group recognized him at its recent awards luncheon in Seattle, Wash. November 11.

The award cites a "fellow member for his service to the Association and his outstanding contributions to the water resources community."

Monique Barbut, GEF CEO and chairperson, noted that Duda's water resources management work has helped some of the world’s most vulnerable gain access to clean water.

“Water does not respect national boundaries, and  multi-country actions are necessary to foster sustainable development in a meaningful way, “ Mrs. Barbut said. “ Al's work at the GEF has been an important catalyst toward helping countries work with their neighbors to modify man-made stresses on water resources. And in this way water use conflicts have been prevented, security improved, and sustainable resource use fostered in support of our global goals.”

Before his 14 year tenure at the GEF, Duda was part of an internal World Bank team that crafted the 1993 Water Resources Management Policy that still guides the Bank’s framework in this area. 
Prior to his Bank service he worked for the U. S. State department as director and chief of diplomatic mission of the Great Lakes Office of the International Joint Commission (Canada and U.S.) He also worked in a series of management positions in the water quality regulatory agency of the State of North Carolina and for the Tennessee Valley Authority.

Duda holds a doctorate from Duke University and has been an active member of AWRA for almost 30 years.


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