Main Issue

Covering nearly one-third of the world’s surface, forests offer a wealth of tangible and intangible benefits. They maintain biodiversity, protect land and water resources, and play a role in climate change mitigation. They also provide livelihoods for some 1.6 billion people around the world. In addition, forests provide an invaluable source of social and spiritual benefits. Read more+

What We Do

For more than two decades, the GEF has championed sustainable forest management. We recognize the need to preserve the integrity of forests and related ecosystems, while supporting livelihoods for communities. To that end, we support a wide range of tools such as the creation of protected areas, certification of timber and non-timber forest products, and payment for ecosystem services. 

But conserving forests and ecosystems is no longer enough. Countries have begun looking beyond the loss of trees to the need to restore forest landscapes. That’s why our strategy for sustainable forest management now includes a specific objective on forest and landscape restoration. Read more+


Since its inception in 1992, the GEF has funded at least 380 forest-related projects. Our investment of US$2.1 billion has leveraged US$9.5 billion for sustainable forestry. At the close of GEF-5, most projects and programs were still underway. If they meet expectations, they will improve over 30 million ha of forest landscapes for multiple benefits and services; restore 500,000 ha of forest lands; and prevent the release of 128 million tCO2e and enhance management of 28 million ha of protected areas in forest landscapes. Read more+