Measuring and reporting environmental results is vital to ensure effective and efficient implementation of GEF investments.

The GEF has developed tools, practices and systems to measure the effectiveness of the projects and programs it finances. It assesses how well it supports countries in achieving global environmental benefits, learns lessons and adapts implementation.

The GEF uses quantitative and qualitative ways to capture the impact of its investments. The GEF-8 Results Measurement Framework underpins the measurement of results across its diverse portfolio of projects and programs.

Results Reports

Corporate Scorecards

The Corporate Scorecard is the key report on progress made within GEF replenishment periods. It serves as the primary tool for monitoring and measuring the GEF’s performance and the achievement of its strategic priorities. Since June 2016, it provides evidence to Council members twice a year on progress made and facilitates key management decisions.

Monitoring Report

The GEF’s Monitoring Report (formerly Annual Performance Monitoring Review) provides a summary of the progress and performance of the active portfolio of projects. It reflects the GEF’s approach to portfolio-level monitoring and reporting on results, performance and financing. The document has a strategic orientation, highlighting data and trends on performance areas of interest to the Council.

Tracking Tools and Results Frameworks
Title Date File
Capacity Development Tracking Tools
GEF Biodiversity Tracking Tool (GEF-3-4-5 )
GEF Biodiversity Tracking Tool (GEF-6)
GEF CBIT Tracking Tool (GEF-6)
GEF Chemicals and Waste Tracking Tool
GEF Climate Change Adaptation Results Framework (GEF-7)
GEF Climate Change Adaptation Tracking Tool
GEF Climate Change Mitigation Tracking Tool
GEF International Waters Tracking Tool
GEF Land Degradation Tracking Tool (GEF-5)
GEF Land Degradation Tracking Tool (GEF-6)
GEF Sustainable Forest Mgt. Tracking Tool

GEF-7 and GEF-8 Biodiversity Protected Area Tracking Tool
GEF-8 Results Measurement Framework