The GEF Geospatial Platform maps the activities of 1,500 projects in 8,000 unique locations across the planet. It is part of the GEF’s commitment to providing transparent access to its work and to show where it is getting results. This helps the GEF ensure it allocates resources for the greatest impact. At the same time, it gives stakeholders a better understanding of the GEF’s activities and their impact on the local environment.

Combining innovative geospatial information, data sources, and the location of project activities, the GEF Geospatial Platform offers a novel way to track results in real time and address the fundamental challenge of environmental and climate change. It helps identify how and where countries can use natural resources and manage areas more efficiently so they can deliver biodiversity and restoration gains.

To start exploring, discover the platform’s functionalities and how to use them in this video:

This effort is made available in partnership and through the World Bank Maps platform. Accessing the location of GEF projects requires using the specific link shared at the top of this page or by clicking on the ‘Toolkit’ button and then ‘Global Environment Facility’. The location of World Bank investments can be accessed by clicking on the ‘Projects’ button.