Partner News

Title Date Source
National Greenhouse Gas Inventory Report & Mitigation Analysis for the Energy Sector in Lebanon 02/16/2016 UNDP
World Bank Expands Project to Support Climate Resilient Practices in Tajikistan 02/12/2016 World Bank
Guide to Improving the Budget and Funding of National Protected Area Systems 02/12/2016 UNDP
Integrating Traditional Crop Genetic Diversity for Mountain Food Security 02/12/2016 Local Crop Project (GEF-UNEP)
Sustainable cities, two related challenges: high quality mobility on foot and efficient urban logistics 02/09/2016 World Bank
Guided eco-tours in Hainan: Giving hope to an unprotected wetland 02/08/2016 IUCN
Supporting countries to set Land Degradation Neutrality targets 02/05/2016 The Global Mechanism
Valuing Biodiversity as a Key Driver of Sustainable Development 02/04/2016 World Bank
UN shipping chief: Climate change is ‘top priority’ 02/03/2016 Climate Home
TerrAfrica: Building the Resilience of Land and Livelihoods in a Changing Climate 12/03/2015 World Bank
Investing in Landscapes for Integrated, Inclusive, and Climate-Resilient Development 12/01/2015 World Bank
ADB, Vanuatu Sign Agreement to Rebuild Roads After Cyclone Pam 11/25/2015 ADB
Morocco to Make History with First-of-Its-Kind Solar Plant 11/20/2015 World Bank
Climate change is not gender-neutral 11/18/2015 GEF SGP
Photo Essay: For the Love of Peat and Peaks 11/06/2015 UNDP
Climate investment: burden or benefit for the poor? 11/04/2015 UNDP
EBRD earmarks US$ 250 million for private sector renewables in SEMED 11/04/2015 EBRD
New UN Report Details Ecosystem Services of Almost One Billion Dollars Annually in Four Pilot Countries 10/14/2015 UNEP
As rivers dry up, Swaziland builds dams to harvest water 10/12/2015 UNDP
Mitigating the Impact of the Mauritius Fruit Bat on Commercial Fruit Farms 10/11/2015 Save Our Species
Cities: the best place to strive for sustainability 09/28/2015 World Bank
China to reduce soil pollution with support from the Global Environment Facility 04/30/2015 World Bank
The Global Environment Facility and its Multiple Impacts 07/09/2014 World Bank
Ukraine: pioneering green energy 05/22/2014 EBRD