Main Issue

The security of water, energy, food and ecosystems is inseparably linked. Indeed, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) state the four elements are critical to underpin sustainable economies and human well-being. There are increasing concerns, however, about the availability, distribution, access and sustainability of water, food and energy. By 2050, the world population is expected to exceed 9 billion. At the same time, more people are living in cities and joining the middle class. These trends, along with increased climate variability, will put greater stress on natural resources. Read more+

What We Do

The GEF increasingly works holistically across the agency to address the water, food and energy nexus. The IW focal area, for example, looks for ways to integrate with the Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation focal areas. It also integrates IW concerns into specialized programs such as Sustainable Cities, Food Security and Commodities. Read more+


The GEF has helped countries agree on joint, cross-sectoral action plans and then supported their implementation. Our experience shows that cooperative investments in, for example, a river basin can be a powerful driver for cooperative action. In fact, Vision statements often reach far beyond cooperation on water to embrace regional integration, stability and peace. Read more+