GEF 22nd Council Meeting

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Joint Summary

Joint Summary
Number Title Document Summary Documents
GEF/C.22/Misc/6 Joint Summary of the Chairs - November 2003 PDF icon English

Working Documents

Working Documents
Number Title Document Summary Documents
GEF/C.22/01/Rev.01 Provisional Agenda PDF icon English
GEF/C.22/02/Rev.01 Annotated Provisional Agenda PDF icon English
GEF/C.22/04 Relations with Conventions FINAL PDF icon English
GEF/C.22/05 Work Program
GEF/C.22/06 Business Plan FINAL PDF icon English
GEF/C.22/07 Action Plan FINAL PDF icon English
GEF/C.22/08 Strategic Approach to Capacity Building FINAL PDF icon English
GEF/C.22/09 Progress Report of the Monitoring and Evaluation Unit PDF icon English
GEF/C.22/10 Third Study of GEF's overall performance (OPS-3) PDF icon English
GEF/C.22/11 Performance Based Framework for Allocation of GEF Resources PDF icon English
GEF/C.22/12 Review of Experience with Executing Agencies under Expanded Opportunities PDF icon English
GEF/C.22/13 Note on Collaboration with the Commission on Sustainable Development PDF icon English
GEF/C.22/14 Note on GEF CEO/Chairperson Search Process, PDF icon English

Information Documents

Information Documents
Number Title Document Summary Documents
GEF/C.22/Inf.01 Provisional List of Documents PDF icon English
GEF/C.22/Inf.02/Rev.02 GEF Council members PDF icon English
GEF/C.22/Inf.03 Trustee Report - Rev. Atts 1 and 2 PDF icon English
GEF/C.22/Inf.04 Operational Program on persistent Organic Pollutants (OP#14) PDF icon English
GEF/C.22/Inf.05/Rev.01 Progress in Operations under the least Developed Countries Trust Fund for Climate Change PDF icon English
GEF/C.22/Inf.06 Review of GEF's Engagement with the Private Sector PDF icon English
GEF/C.22/Inf.07 Measuring the Results of Biodiversity PDF icon English
GEF/C.22/Inf.08 Program Performance Indicators for GEF International Waters Programmes PDF icon English
GEF/C.22/Inf.09 GEF Project Cycle: An Update list of Attachments and Annexes PDF icon English
GEF/C.22/Inf.10 Enhancing GEF's Engagement with the Private Sector PDF icon English
GEF/C.22/Inf.11 Minutes for the Third Meeting of STAP III PDF icon English
GEF/C.22/Inf.12 STAP: Roster of Experts PDF icon English
GEF/C.22/Inf.13 STAP: Planned Deliverables by June 2004 PDF icon English
GEF/C.22/Inf.14 Independent Evaluation of the GEF Country Dialogue Workshops Programme Annexes PDF icon English
GEF/C.22/Inf.15 Participation of Council Members in Council Meetings PDF icon English
GEF/C.22/Inf.16/Rev.01 Operational Procedures for the Expedited Financing of National Communications from non-Annex I Parties PDF icon English
GEF/C.22/Inf.17 GEF Smalls Grant Programme Annex 2 PDF icon English
GEF/C.22/Inf.18 Status Report on the process for Appointing a Director of the monitoring and Evaluation Unit PDF icon English

Conference Room Documents

Conference Room Documents
Number Title Document Summary Documents
GEF/C.22/CRP.1/Rev.1 Statement of Julia Carabias, Chair of STAP PDF icon English
GEF/C.22/CRP.2 Application for Technical and Financial Assistance from the Global Environment Facility by South America PDF icon English
GEF/C.22/CRP.3/Rev.2 Proposed Council Decision on Performance Based Framework PDF icon English

Miscellaneous Papers

Miscellaneous Papers
Number Title Document Summary Documents
GEF/C.22/Misc/01 G77 Statement PDF icon English
GEF/C.22/Misc/02 Argentina 11-20-03 PDF icon English
GEF/C.22/Misc/03 Council letter re consultations 10-09-03 PDF icon English
GEF/C.22/Misc/04 Council Member and Focal Point Support Mtg PDF icon English
GEF/C.22/Misc/05 Haiti PDF icon English
GEF/C.22/Misc/06 Joint Summary of the Chairs PDF icon English
GEF/C.22/Misc/07 Cuba Letter 10-31-03 PDF icon English
GEF/C.22/Misc/08 Cuba Letter 11-13-03 PDF icon English
GEF/C.22/Misc/09 letter to cuba for council nov 2003 PDF icon English
GEF/C.22/Misc/11 Report of the Third Independent Evaluation of the Global Environmental Facility Small Grants Programme PDF icon English
GEF/C.22/Misc/12/UNCCD Statement by Hama Arba Diallo UNCCD PDF icon English
GEF/C.22/Misc/13/CBD Statement by Hamdallah Zedan CBD PDF icon English
GEF/C.22/Misc/14/IFAD Statement by James Carruthers IFAD PDF icon English

Participant List

Participant List
Number Title Document Summary Documents
GEF/C.22/List Participants List Council FINAL 11-24-03 PDF icon English
November 19, 2003 to November 21, 2003