DateJanuary 30, 2024
12:30-14:00 EST

This hybrid webinar aimed to take lessons from past and ongoing Integrated Approach Pilots and Impact Programs that have acquired an experience on aspects mobilizable to the Amazon, Congo, and Critical Forest Biomes Integrated Program.

The Amazon, Congo, and Critical Forest Biomes Integrated Program (CFB IP) aims to maintain the integrity of the globally important critical tropical forests in order to maximize multiple global environment benefits related to carbon and biodiversity. Beyond the conservation and governance of critical forest biomes, the CFB IP is interested in considering other effective area-based conservation measures, including Payments for Environmental Services, corridors, and coordinated management with neighboring countries to improve connectivity at transboundary or regional level. Each forest biome is covered by a regional coordination project and a number of country-based projects (from three in Asia/Pacific to eight in Amazon, six in Congo and Mesoamerica, and five in West Africa).

Presentations and discussions from the Amazon Sustainable Landscapes (ASL) program; Food, Land-use and Restoration Impact Program (FOLUR); and the Resilient Food Systems program covered lessons learned and best practices.


  • Opening remarks & introduction: Jean-Marc Sinnassamy, GEF Lead for the CFB IP
  • Presentation: Ana Maria Gonzalez Velosa, ASL Coordinator, World Bank Group
  • Discussants: George Nebah Akwah, Congo IP Coordinator, UNEP; Charity Nalyana, Guinean Forests IP, Conservation International; Jonky Tenou, former RFS Coordinator and/or Rodrigo Cianella, RFS Regional Hub, ICRAF-CIFOR; Timothy Brown, FOLUR IP Coordinator, World Bank Group
  • Q&A moderator: Pascal Martinez, GEF co-Lead for the CFB IP
  • Remarks: Mohamed Bakarr, Interim Head of Integration & Knowledge Division
  • Closing remarks: Carlos Manuel Rodriguez, GEF CEO and Chairperson