DateDecember 6, 2023
12:30-14:00 EST

The GEF’s Land Degradation Focal Area has identified Land Degradation Neutrality (LDN) as a thematic area and an approach for generating learning and knowledge for adaptive management and to innovate continuously from the portfolio of completed and ongoing projects. The initiative is designed and implemented as a joint effort of the Focal Area team and the GEF Scientific and Technical Advisory Panel, and in collaboration with the GEF’s knowledge management team. The purpose of this knowledge management and learning initiative is to subsequently achieve better results, promote the improved design of future projects, and help to achieve durable impact by enhancing understanding on practices that work best for mainstreaming LDN into national sustainable development agendas.

The team analyzed a portfolio of more than 50 projects and programs guided by the following five learning questions:

  • How do countries apply the LDN concept in GEF projects?
  • To what extent can the GEF support mainstreaming of the LDN concept into national policy and regulatory frameworks?
  • How can the LDN framework be used to promote policy coherence at national levels and linkages with other convention agendas for multiple benefits?
  • What are some of the preliminary lessons and best practices of LDN as a framework?
  • How does LDN address cross-cutting areas of the Convention, such as gender, private sector, and drought?