The Importance of Water Sustainability

Climate change, population growth and agriculture are the three main factors driving global freshwater demand up today. To avoid depletion of freshwater, we will need to find more sustainable ways to use water.

The Need for Strong Climate Agreement in Paris

COP21 is expected to deliver a new universal climate change agreement, putting the world firmly on track to a low-carbon, sustainable future.

Indigenous Peoples: Key Partner in Environmental Health

A source of effective climate solutions, indigenous peoples around the world help safeguard global environment, fight climate change, and foster sustainable forest management.

Greener Beer Tops Kyrgyz Market

For a Kyrgyz brewing company, outfitting its facilities with energy efficient technology was key in increasing profitability while protecting the environment.

Protecting Benguela Together

Namibia, Angola, and South Africa cooperate to improve sustainability and management of the Benguela Large Marine Ecosystem they share.

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