Ensuring Country Ownership and Strategic Focus

The GEF is engaging a broad range of stakeholders in recipient countries through the Country Support Programme (CSP), including Expanded Constituency Workshops (ECWs), National Dialogues, and other activities.

World Wildlife Day - March 3

The GEF is playing an active role in combating poaching and illegal wildlife trade. The fight against extinction includes involving and empowering communities, and working with local and national authorities as well as international partners to curb the deadly trade.

The Belarus Forestry Development Project

The new project uses an integrated approach that combines climate change mitigation, biodiversity, and forest management objectives.

Trading Ghost Nets for Sustainable Fishing Gear in Guinea Bissau

Ghost nets constitute one of the major threats to aquatic life. Yet, artisanal fishers have long used those nets along the River Cacheu in Guinea Bissau. Recognizing the detrimental effects of ghost nets, fishermen and the GEF SGP have devised a plan to get rid of them...

GEF Partner Wins Prestigious Award for Creativity and Impact

Forest Trends, a GEF-supported organization has received the prestigious 2015 MacArthur Award for Creative and Effective Institutions for “bringing the value of forests into the modern economy.”

Upcoming Meetings

03/03/15 - 03/05/15 , Nicaragua
03/17/15 - 03/19/15 , Sri Lanka
04/14/15 - 04/16/15 , Paraguay
04/21/15 - 04/23/15 , Cabo Verde