GEF achievements in Burkina Faso

July 12, 2016

Photo via Flickr CC

Since its admission into the Global Environment Facility (GEF), Burkina Faso has received allocations amounting to about US$390 million for the implementation of environmental projects. These activities have covered the main focal areas of the GEF.

In the area of climate change, the 17 national and regional projects implemented have covered energy efficiency, modal transportation, enabling activities, strengthening of the resilience of ecosystems and populations, improvement of climate information, and early warning systems.

The GEF has financed 23 national and regional projects in the area of biodiversity to improve the sustainable management of 7 protected areas (PAs) and 3 areas of importance for the conservation of birds and to increase the involvement of the private sector and local communities in the management of the PAs. This support has covered the prevention of biotechnological risks, the identification and promotion of best practices in conservation and the sustainable use of agro- systems, pastoral ecosystems, and the interface between mixed production systems and the PAs.

In the area of land degradation, 9 national and regional projects to combat land degradation financed by the GEF have provided various tools for the sustainable development of land and contributed to the widespread promotion of agricultural, pastoral and forestry best practices and good governance for food security.

Four projects were financed in the area of management of persistent organic pollutants (POPs), i.e., the inventory of pollutants, strengthening of the sustainable management of pesticides, reduction of mercury releases, and promotion of rational management of chemical products.

In the area of international waters, the Niger and Volta basins have received financing from the GEF for enhancements, promotion of good governance, and best practices for the integrated management of water and wetlands.

Finally, numerous projects in Burkina Faso involving grassroots community organizations have benefited from the GEF Small Grants Programme.

These projects have had widespread diversified benefits for the entire territory and many sectors. The main beneficiaries are the people, who describe the transformational changes in the attached video.

Burkina Faso continues to have high expectations for the GEF, looking in particular for increased resources and streamlining of the project approval cycle.