The GEF - a green player at the FIFA World Cup in South Africa

June 11, 2010

Today, Friday June 11 , marks the kick off for the soccer World Cup 2010. The GEF has contributed to the greening of the World Cup by providing energy efficient lighting of the stadiums and solar street lighting, as part of a GEF/UNEP project to mitigate climate change effects in that particular region, and invested in sustainable transport with UNDP.

However the GEF will also be present throughout the games - on most of the large screens in the stadiums with another key environmental message: "Biodiversity is Life - Biodiversity is Our Life".


A short Public Service Announcement in form of a 45 sec. video clip will be played 60 times a day, every day of the World Cup, flashing strong wildlife images mixed with simple messages to raise awareness among soccer watchers for the need to protect this planets dwindling biological diversity. This is an engagement of the GEF in cooperation with the UN Convention of Biological Diversity and has been produced by the multimedia unit of the International League of Conservation Photographers.


To learn more about GEF initiatives to the greening world events read our latest publication "Greening Opportunities at World Events"