June 8 - World Ocean Day

June 8, 2010

ΩCEANS is a Galatee film about the world's oceans directed by Jacques Perrin and Jacques Cluzaud. The Galatee team with the support of the Sloan Foundation on behalf of the Census of Marine Life has been working closely with scientists to ensure the scientific accuracy of the film. The film ΩCEANS offers a dynamic view of marine biodiversity. Its approach is both aesthetic and scientific. The Galatee explorers have documented the grandeur and otherness of life in the ocean. Some of the world’s most experienced underwater cinematographers risked their lives in the jaws of predator sharks and amid a frenzy of birds diving to feed on deep-water fishes.

New cameras made for ΩCEANS follow animals in a way never experienced before, providing images so special that they are opening another chapter in the history of oceanic discovery. ΩCEANS is the result of four years of 75 diving expeditions in 50 locations all over the world, where camera teams captured about 200 species of fish, dolphins, whales, squid, lizards, crabs, turtles and creatures that simply defy classification.

UNEP and the Global Environment Facility have partnered with Galatee films to raise awareness on the health and status of the world’s ocean ecosystems through the dissemination of the film and development of additional media and educational products.