Climate change is a growing major threat to human and natural systems on our planet. The world must focus on scaling up climate mitigation action that minimizes trade-offs and maximizes synergies with other government economic and development priorities, including protecting nature and promoting an equitable post-pandemic recovery. In this context, the GEF is very well positioned to help accelerate action standing on three decades of experience in the provision of climate financing.

The GEF provides financial resources to developing countries and countries with economies in transition for climate action, investing strategically to support enabling environments and policy reforms, while piloting new technologies and business models.

The goal of the GEF-8 (2022-2026) climate change focal area strategy is to enable developing countries to shift toward net-zero greenhouse gas emissions and climate-resilient development. To achieve this, the strategy is structured around both single focal area investments and investments in integrated programs covering more than one focal area.

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