GEF Corporate Scorecard Dec 2020


The GEF-7 Corporate Scorecard is a comprehensive report on the performance of the Global Environment Facility during the GEF-7 period. In particular, the Scorecard reports on the progress made towards the achievement of the GEF-7 targets. It also looks at how the GEF is utilizing resources made available for its seventh replenishment cycle and making progress in the implementation of key policies. The Scorecard is published twice a year; this issue includes all projects approved from June 2018 up to and including the December 2020 work program.


This edition of the GEF-7 Scorecard is released in profoundly challenging times for the planet. The Scorecard presents both the GEF’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic and a snapshot of progress in GEF-7. It is published as the GEF is continuously enhancing its fiduciary oversight and safeguards of projects to better protect the world’s environment.

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