Since its inception in 1991, the Global Environment Facility has steadfastly supported African countries as they seek effective and innovative approaches to a nature-positive economy. The GEF has helped implement more than 1,800 projects in Africa, with a total investment of $6.2 billion. These investments have leveraged over $40 billion from other stakeholders, including governments, bilateral and multilateral partners, the private sector, and civil society organizations.

As a financial mechanism for international environmental treaties, the GEF has played a catalytic role in tackling the major environmental issues facing Africa. This publication details the GEF’s work and illustrates how African countries, with GEF support, are diligently working to fulfill their obligations under these agreements.

Seen together, the examples that follow provide valuable insights into the GEF’s tangible contributions in the African region over the last 30 years. The GEF’s initiatives in Africa span biodiversity and wildlife conservation, chemicals and waste management, forests, water resources, and climate change adaptation and mitigation, as well as integrated programming across Africa that addresses food security, commodities, wildlife, sustainable cities, and more.

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