Indonesia has approximately 25 million hectares of peatlands, which provide unique ecosystem services and a source of livelihood to rural populations. Peatlands in Indonesia store an estimated 46 gigatons of carbon equivalent to approximately 8-14 percent of all global soil carbon. Despite the local and global importance of these ecosystems, they face a growing number of threats, including logging; agricultural conversion by smallholder farmers and large private sector plantations; fires; and drainage of peatlands. The project is promoting sustainable peatland management, secure carbon stocks, and conservation of biodiversity, while improving the living standards of local communities. Key features are i) strong government commitment to policy development and implementation; ii) an innovative monitoring system developed with the private sector; and iii) community-based peatland action with multi-stakeholder partnership.

Enhancing Engagement of Private Sector and Local Communities on Peatland Management

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