The Good Practice Briefs were produced by the GEF Secretariat in collaboration with relevant GEF Agencies. Shared at the 57th Council meeting, this pilot series identifies good practice examples from the GEF project portfolio, in line with key GEF2020 strategic priorities and GEF-7 programming directions and policy recommendations.

The Sustainable Management of Bycatch in Latin America and the Caribbean Trawl Fisheries (REBYC-II LAC) project is a partnership between six countries and regional organizations to manage bycatch and to support sustainable development of bottom trawl fisheries and the people who depend on them. Over the last five years, it has sought to reduce food loss and to encourage sustainable livelihoods through improving collaborative institutional and regulatory arrangements for bycatch management, strengthening management of bycatch through an Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries (EAF), and enhancing information sharing in the region. The project has created an enabling environment that has increased trust and collaboration between government and stakeholders, leading to improved dialogue, updated rules and regulations, and reductions of over 30% in unsustainable bycatch in at least one pilot site per country.

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