The Global Environment Facility is the financial backbone of multilateral environmental agreements for a "healthy planet and healthy people." Agriculture, with its substantial carbon and ecological footprint, holds immense potential for transformation. Small-scale farms contribute to agrobiodiversity, carbon sequestration and sustainable land management, forming the bedrock for a harmonious planet and population.

Since 2001, the IFAD-GEF partnership has tackled global challenges, with a project portfolio exceeding $300 million across 35 projects worldwide. With a people-centered approach, IFAD equips rural communities to adapt to environmental threats, connecting underserved populations with sustainable development while amplifying their voice.

This third edition of the GEF-IFAD Advantage highlights the partnership's advantages in various domains, including food systems, biodiversity, climate change adaptation, and land degradation. IFAD's robust internal systems, rigorous impact assessments and strategic project design fortify its transformative endeavors across environment, climate, gender, nutrition and youth. This partnership signifies a beacon of progress toward a healthier planet and a brighter future.

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