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Title ID Countries Focal Areas Type Agencies GEF Grant Cofinancing Status
Fostering Water and Environmental Security in the Ma and Neun/Ca Transboundary River Basins and Related Coastal Areas 10193 Asia/Pacific, Lao PDR, Viet Nam, Regional International Waters Full-size Project Food and Agriculture Organization 8,000,000 39,141,211 Project Approved
Strategic Partnership for a Land-Based Pollution Reduction Investment Fund for the LMEs of East Asia, Tranche 3 2576 Asia/Pacific, Regional International Waters Full-size Project The World Bank 20,000,000 Concept Approved
World Bank/GEF Partnership Investment Fund for Pollution Reduction in the Large Marine Ecosystems of East Asia (Tranche 1 of 3 tranches) 2454 Asia/Pacific, Regional International Waters PFD The World Bank 0 0 Cancelled