This project is designed to increase the role of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in delivering Land Degradation Neutrality (LDN), and in promoting adherence to LDN principles, including environmental and social safeguards, in public and private investments. The project has a global scope and will strengthen the capacity and the level of engagement of CSOs in the regions. The project objective is: “Increased capacities and recognition of the CSOs to contribute to the adherence of LDN principles in policies, programs and investments”. This will be delivered through capacities and support to CSOs to ensure that LDN is better aligned with established principles and practices and to lead investments in LDN. The project will consist of 2 components: 1) Influencing LDN and 2) Leveraging LDN. Component 1 focuses on increasing the recognition of CSOs at the political level, as well as increasing opportunities to be involved in designing, implementing, and evaluating LDN transformative projects. This is further extended to increasing the visibility of CSOs efforts towards achieving LDN. This will be done through a variety of mechanisms, namely knowledge development and exchange, mentoring, advocacy towards policy makers, awareness raising events and mobilisation of CSO community. Component 2 seeks to answer this demand, by building CSOs capacities and providing technical support to CSOs to leverage funds and convening fund raising meetings with donors and private investors. It is centred around a single outcome: CSOs’ capacities to leverage funds for LDN are increased. This will be achieved through knowledge development and exchange, and increased engagement with donors

Project Details

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International Union for Conservation of Nature
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GEF - 7
Project Type
Medium-size Project
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GEF Trust Fund


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GEF Project Grant
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Received by GEF
13 Apr 2022
Concept Approved
09 Jun 2022
Project Approved for Implementation
01 Jun 2023