The project has the overall objective of ensuring the sustainable management of the basin's water resources, biodiversity and environment. To reach this goal, four main components have been tentatively identified: (i) The Environmental Management Structure Component, aiming at establishing effective institutional structures and mechanisms for the correct management of the Senegal Basin, both at regional and national level; (ii) The Knowledge Base Component, which would consist of a thorough inventory of the socio-economic and bio-physical conditions, and of easily accessible data bases established in each country and at OVMS (Basin Authority); (iii) The Priority and Opportunities Analysis Component, involving the identification of priority transboundary issues, the definition of mitigation measures, the identification of priorities and opportunities percieved by the public in the Basin; (iv) The Action Program for the Global Environment, including the integration of measures identified under (iii) in an action program featuring both national and regional/global components, and the implementation of necessary reforms, and of elements qualifying for GEF funding. The PDF-B work will help to better define the design of each component through preliminary assessments and stakeholders consultations.

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The World Bank
United Nations Development Programme
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Organisation pour la Mise en Valeur du Fleuve Sénégal (OMVs) on behalf of the national governments of Guinea, Mali, Mauritania and Senegal
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GEF - 2
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Full-size Project
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GEF Trust Fund


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