This project aims to assist in the establishment of a national framework that will support greater capacity and coordination across entities responsible for regulating access to genetic resources and benefit-sharing. Transparency, inclusivity and wide stakeholder involvement are key to the development of such a framework which also gives consideration to the Indigenous Peoples of Belize. Hence, Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities (IPs & LCs) will be listed as project beneficiaries of project components/activities but will not directly receive financial resources. Nevertheless, by improving access to genetic resources and traditional knowledge, in a just and equitable manner, while promoting and supporting IPs & LCs´ stewardship of this knowledge and benefits from its use through policy and legislation, this project will assist Belize in charting a sustainable pathway to the effective management and use of its biodiversity. This goal is aligned with GBFF targets and responds to the National Biodiversity Strategic Action Plan (2016-2020).

Objective:To create an enabling environment for Belize to accede to and implement the Nagoya Protocol, through bridging the policy and legislative gap that exists as it relates to access to genetic resources.

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